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PerfectLexy Interview


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Talentscoutmodels: How did you find out about doing live chat, how did the opportunity come?
PerfectLexy: I ve seen many studio adds on the social networks , in the papers and even one night i ve seen on tv a girl who was a public person in my country speaking about this taboo domain. I was courios and i started to look on the internet more info about video chat and also i found out that one of my girlfriends was a model and she was also one of my „sources”.

Talentscoutmodels: So you were looking for a place where you can make money and also be part of a group, a community? Or it was only about meeting new people and then came the possibility of making some money?
PerfectLexy: A great jobplace is where you make money but also you are part of a family , of a group.The „family members” could be the people you meet online because you start to know their thought, their deepest secrets , their fears and their entire life .Is like you are their best friend, confident and much more and make money also.

Talentscoutmodels: What made you want to be a chat model? Was there anything special that convinced you of registering?
PerfectLexy: Being a chat model is like having your own reality show in which the main charcters are real people with real needs and it is great to be part of something that mean so much for them.

Talentscoutmodels: Do you have fun while you are online? What is the cam girl industry? Tell us more about what you do.
PerfectLexy: I allways have fun when i m online .As long as you do something that makes you happy , you will allways have fun.

Talentscoutmodels: What is the best part / show that you enjoy the most?
PerfectLexy: Every part has it s special moments.When i meet a person i like to find out his personality , his hobbies, his interest, because everyone is special , different and it s constant learning process.And when you make love with someone you communicate with him and find out what he likes , what turns him on and that a learning process too you ).

Talentscoutmodels: Do you discuss your real life experiences with visitors?
PerfectLexy: Yes i do , we learn from each others experinces. It couldn t be a live , real thing is i wasn t true to them.

Talentscoutmodels: What do you usually talk about? What are your favorite topics, sexual things that your are happy to discuss?
PerfectLexy: We talk about anything and i like the diversity that comes from that .each and everyone of us has his own opionis , preferences and first of all our topics. Which is important to them is important to me too cause i m there to listen to them.

Talentscoutmodels: Do you like to be in control during a show or is it better if the visitor has an exact request / desire?
PerfectLexy: I like to be a mutal experince which we both enjoy.

Talentscoutmodels: Do you consider working at talentscoutmodels a regular job? Or is it somehow better than any other, everyday job? Does it happen to make any difference in your life, something that other jobs would not do?
PerfectLexy: Is just like Superman being a journalist in his daily routine and being a superhero when he is needed. When you are „responsabile” for so many people s secrets , thoghts ,dreams and when you see their smile when they come to you ….you can consider yourself a superhero.

Talentscoutmodels: What is the best thing about your job?
PerfectLexy: Meet new people , discover new things in life. In a short a brief description , enjoying life.

Talentscoutmodels: Do you have a message for your fans?
PerfectLexy: It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.

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