#2 Interview Jessy

Jessy Interview


DreamCams: How did you find out about doing live chat, how did the opportunity come?
Jessy: I worked for a studio when I started camming. They hired models and it sounded like interesting and fun.

DreamCams: What made you want to be a chat model? Was there anything special that convinced you of registering?
Jessy: I did it in part time at first but I discovered it’s a great opportunity for having a lot of fun u can get to know people from all over. Also a great way to earn money.

DreamCams: Do you discuss your real life experiences with visitors?
Jessy: Yes. Since you have returning clients you made friendships so it happens that we also discuss the all day things.

DreamCams: Do you like to be in control during a show or is it better if the visitor has an exact request / desire?
Jessy: I love to control the show, love to seduce and I think it’s a great turn on as well:)

DreamCams: What is the best part / show that you enjoy the most?
Jessy: I love roleplay

DreamCams: What do you wear to bed?
Jessy: Depends on my mood;) sexy lingeries, fetish clothes, pajamas…;)

DreamCams: Is there anyone in particular that you look up to? Someone who inspires you & why?
Jessy: I could not say just on person. There are s lot of great models who found their ways on here and who do it awesome. It’s important to keep your personality. That’s why you are unique.

DreamCams: Love or money?
Jessy: Fun and money;)

DreamCams: What is the best thing about your job?
Jessy: I am free and flexible. I am my own boss.

DreamCams: Do you like to travel? What is your dream destination?
Jessy: Yes. I world love to travel all over the world. Iceland and Japan❤️

DreamCams: If you won a billion dollars, how would you spend the money?
Jessy: I would buy a few things I always wanted, open a little shop probably and give the rest for people in need worldwide animal rescue.

DreamCams: How long could you live without your mobile phone?
Jessy: Forever 😂 Its needed for communication but I could live without it😊

DreamCams: What is your ringtone right now?
Jessy: Mary Mary – Shackles

DreamCams: Vino or beer?
Jessy: Vine ofc

DreamCams: Do you have a message for your fans?
Jessy: I LOVE them❤️

Tattoo: Yes
Fav music : pop
First thing I do after waking up: coffee
Fav food: anything Thai
Fav. car: not much into cars tbh

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