#4 Interview Kozzy Queen

Kozzy Queen Interview


My Chat Room

DreamsCams: How did you find out about doing live chat, how did the opportunity come?
Kozzy Queen: I saw a topic on a forum about how you can earn money fast and be your own boss. Its not so easy but i love cause im my own boss

DreamsCams: What made you want to be a chat model? Was there anything special that convinced you of registering?
Kozzy Queen: . I like be honest so i started do for money , but after some months i started enjoyed it and love what im doing. My members help me verg much.

DreamsCams: Do you discuss your real life experiences with visitors?
Kozzy Queen: Oh yes . Because a lot of my friends are curious about how i m when the cam is off so i talk a lot about me and my problems , my happines. I share all with my special members. Almost all members hate see a girl who acts like a porn doll… no chat..just “TIP TIP PVT PVT ” 

DreamsCams: Do you like to be in control during a show or is it better if the visitor has an exact request / desire?
Kozzy Queen: I used do PVT shows only after i know a member because in my private show i want both of us feel the pleasure and for this i need to know what kind of show he wants to see and if i can do it. 

DreamsCams: What is the best part / show that you enjoy the most?
Kozzy Queen: The best part is when a member starts have trust in me and tell me about his problems and ask me advice. Im glad help people. 

DreamsCams: What do you wear to bed?
Kozzy Queen: Im addicted to wear erotic outfits…red and black are my favourite. 

DreamsCams: Is there anyone in particular that you look up to? Someone who inspires you & why?
Kozzy Queen: An exemple for me is all the women who fight for their rights and don t want waste their life with a man only for money. So that s i decided to be independent

DreamsCams: Love or money?
Kozzy Queen: With the right person you can build an empire so i choose both . 😀

DreamsCams: What is the best thing about your job?
Kozzy Queen: Every day i meet new people with new stories of life.

DreamsCams: Do you like to travel? What is your dream destination?
Kozzy Queen: Oh yes i would love to visit south of africa.

DreamsCams: If you won a billion dollars, how would you spend the money?
Kozzy Queen: I would love buy my own house. And of course shoes and sexy outfits annnnd porn toys hahahaha. Maybe a gold dildo.

DreamsCams: How long could you live without your mobile phone?
Kozzy Queen: .Not very much , because i chat every day with my members on kik snap twitter.

DreamsCams: What is your ringtone right now?
Kozzy Queen: David Guetta would i like you 

DreamsCams: Vino or beer?
Kozzy Queen: Red wine

DreamsCams: Do you have a message for your fans?
Kozzy Queen: Be a gentleman with me. Treat me like a queen and i will make yoi the strongest king in the world.

My favorite kind of music is: Rapp and pop dance
Tattoo: Yes
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is: Check my kik and twitter
My fav food is: Italian food
My favorite car: Bentley continental GT

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by DreamsCams.com

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