#6 Interview Daphne Angel

Daphne Angel Interview


My Chat Room 💻 📱

DreamsCams: How did you find out about doing live chat, how did the opportunity come?
Daphne Angel: After school I met one of my good friends. He was photographer in porn. He knew about my love for photoshooting and he knew I am not shy. So he told me about work opportunities in this business. Livechat sounds like the best option for me so I contact one agency and now it is almost five years since I started with chat.

DreamsCams: What made you want to be a chat model? Was there anything special that convinced you of registering?
Daphne Angel: When someone ask me what is my biggest strenght, I will answer I am communicative. And I am not shy, I love my body. So what else should I do? 😉

DreamsCams: Do you discuss your real life experiences with visitors?
Daphne Angel: Of course I do. My friends know about me, how honest I am. Sometimes too much 🙂 We talking about sex experiences but also about our lives. They know about my dogs, which film I just saw in cinema and much more.

DreamsCams: Do you like to be in control during a show or is it better if the visitor has an exact request / desire?
Daphne Angel: I like both. Sometimes I am horny as hell and just don’t care what they want, I just wanna made myself cum. But sometimes I also love just watching. I love all user’s desires and their special fetishes 😉

DreamsCams: What is the best part / show that you enjoy the most?
Daphne Angel: The best is cam2cam and the moment when we cum together.

DreamsCams: What do you wear to bed?
Daphne Angel: The best is for me sleeping naked. But for winter I have some comfy pajamas of course 🙂

DreamsCams: Is there anyone in particular that you look up to? Someone who inspires you & why?
Daphne Angel: Yes. Two amazing girls, my best friends Kathy Anderson and Cindy Dollar. Maybe you know them, they was really famous in porn business. I am really blessed because I can call those girls my friends. I admire them. They won much porn oscars, doing with the best people in business and still they are normall girls. They are not arrogant, they are nice, humbless and selfless. They earned a lot of money but never spend them for bags or needless gucci stuff… I wanna be like them and never change.

DreamsCams: Love or money?
Daphne Angel: Love. Nothing is more important than be healthhy and having someone, who love you no matter what.

DreamsCams: What is the best thing about your job?
Daphne Angel: This time is very hasty. Much men do not have time for having girlfriend or even for some hanging around with friends. But I am here for them, I can talk to them, I can give them pleasure. That’s mean a lot for me.

DreamsCams: Do you like to travel? What is your dream destination?
Daphne Angel: Yeah, I love travel. I would like to visit New Zeland or San Diego (because of comic con) 🙂

DreamsCams: If you won a billion dollars, how would you spend the money?
Daphne Angel: I would visit Comic con(question before), built a house for me and I will help my friend about I know they have not so much money. And I do not know what more. I do not need much money for myself.

DreamsCams: How long could you live without your mobile phone?
Daphne Angel: One weekend 🙂

DreamsCams: What is your ringtone right now?
Daphne Angel: Narcissistic cannibal from KoRn 🙂

DreamsCams: Vino or beer?
Daphne Angel: I live almost all my live in Czech Republic so beer of course!

DreamsCams: Do you have a message for your fans?
Daphne Angel: Thanks for beeing with me. Every day when I woke up I feel really gratefull for huge support what u giving me. I still can not believe how much fans I have. I love every one each of you!

My favorite kind of music is: I love music and I am not just for one type. I love KoRn, Cocote minute but also Sia, Birdy, Imagine dragons.
Tattoo: I love tatoos. Unfortunately in porn business don’t like, so I will do my next after few years. Now I have 5 tattoo.
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is: reading book a while
My fav food is: : so my chicken or spaghetti
My favorite car: : Skoda Octavia Scout

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