#9 Interview Natashaa_10

Natashaa_10 Interview


My Chat Room

DreamsCams: How did you find out about doing live chat, how did the opportunity come?
Natashaa_10: Helped me a friend of my mother she worked desdecla House and I asked him to help to work as a model.

DreamsCams: What made you want to be a chat model? Was there anything special that convinced you of registering?
Natashaa_10: I think that what prompted me to be a model was the lack of job opportunities in my country, the minimum wage is basically nothing.

DreamsCams: Do you discuss your real life experiences with visitors?
Natashaa_10: On many occasions if I think they are more friends than users. They know more about me.

DreamsCams: Do you like to be in control during a show or is it better if the visitor has an exact request / desire?
Natashaa_10: Ambis is ok for me i enjoy them alike both.

DreamsCams: What is the best part / show that you enjoy the most
Natashaa_10: I like more make anal I think enjoy it more than anything.

DreamsCams: What do you wear to bed?
Natashaa_10: Nothing.

DreamsCams: Is there anyone in particular that you look up to? Someone who inspires you & why?
Natashaa_10: I am looking for a man that excites me to be with me. I love that you enjoy anal. Also that they be contiguous.

DreamsCams: Love or money?
Natashaa_10: I think both apply in this case.

DreamsCams: What is the best thing about your job?
Natashaa_10: The best thing about my job is that I know many wonderful people. And learn new things. There are super intelligent men friendly and very funny.

DreamsCams: Do you like to travel? What is your dream destination?
Natashaa_10: The destination of my dreams is Caprera Island in Sardinia, Italy is a wonderful place.

DreamsCams: If you won a billion dollars, how would you spend the money?
Natashaa_10: If I won this amount I think I would buy a house.

DreamsCams: How long could you live without your mobile phone?
Natashaa_10: I believe that I can live without the long time. Lol in times I forget I feel that they take away a lot of time and ilvidanos important things like spending time with your child. family.

DreamsCams: What is your ringtone right now?
Natashaa_10: Always in vibration or in silence.

DreamsCams: Vino or beer?
Natashaa_10: I prefer wine.

DreamsCams: Do you have a message for your fans?
Natashaa_10: For all my fans thank you very much for supporting me as a model for being there in my living room enjoying my company kisses I love you.

My favorite kind of music is: Rock is my favorite music.
Tattoo: Nope
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is: is to enlist everything so that my son goes to school, I also feed my dog.
My fav food is: I do not have favorite food I love all kinds of food except the shuchi
My favorite car: FERRARI CALIFORNIA F149 4.3 CABRIO 2014

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